Solar Eclipse Animation

Light effects of the sky and corona during a sun eclipse.
Thanks to Blender and have fun watching!

It’s really nice … but abit too short.

Could use a better blending when the camera moves from space to the atmosphere. Also the moon could use a texture and more effects. That beside, looks great! Especially the fade from daylight to “night” during the eclipse.

@simpo: Thank you! I want to make longer animations in the future.

@Nubm: Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad you like it! I keep your suggestions in mind.

I like the transition from day to night during the eclipse as well. Also, how did you make the flares coming off the sun?

@Atlantia: Thank you! I made the flares with light emitting particles together with a glare effect in the compositor. I’ve learned it from a tutorial by Sardi Pax. Check out his youtube channel, it’s great!

Haha was thinking I’d seen that effect somewhere else. Love the concept. And checking your youtube, did you do the speed drawing yourself… really good too?

@rvectors: Thank you very much! Yes I made the timelapse drawings, too. Thank you for checking out my videos! =]