Solar System Generator

I’ve been working on this Solar System Generator for a long while now, and I probably should have done this earlier. Better late than never I guess lol.
I’m mostly just cleaning up the scene at this point so that I can get it out there, but after that I still have things that I’m planning to add/change/update things after that. Once I finish cleaning up I’ll make a video that showcases everything. Just thought I should make this topic now so that I force myself to post my work here as I go along.
Here’s a link to a video I made about a week ago, so it’s a bit outdated. But it has the general idea and a lot of the things in it are still roughly the same.


Got really busy as summer started, but finally finished and got something that people can actually use. I’ve added a bunch of features, and each planet now has 26 properties. I also worked a lot on reworking the materials, and now everything uses image textures and look much more realistic. I’m working on a showcase video and when I finish that I’ll be ready to release it, though I still plan to make an in depth video about each property.