solar system model

i have made circle around the sun to show the path of the planet

i can see it in the 3D viewport but when i render it i cannot see the line
is there a way to see these lines in the render?

Never tried it… but can’t a material be assigned to a simple curve?

You bring an interesting question…

I’m not sure how to fix your specific problem - it seems you want just the hardware rendered lines from Bezier or nurbs curves to show during rendering. I think you should be able to do that. There is a option (I think) to render a mesh only in wireframe. Just composite the hardware render with the planet image… otherwise
I think it would be better using a primitive object like a torus with a subsurf modifier . Scale it’s major and minor radius areas and then texture it.
Also, you could use the long way and create a bezier curve and dupliframe a surface Nurbs circle around it. It would actually be better this way I think since you could make elipsoid orbits without the distortion when scaling or stretching a torus…

Check out the manual for blender under dupliframes. Hope this helps…

In the ‘links and pipeline’ tab in the material buttons click ‘wire’

There is a solid wireframe script which can take any wireframe and make an actual mesh out of it. It’s in the mesh section.
What kind of circles are you using (Bezier, Nurbs, Mesh?) For the script to work you will have to convert the stuff to a mesh.

BTW the orbits of the planets are eliptical and not circular.

most ot he planet have an eccentricity of below 0.0x something
execpt Mercury at 0.2 so not much difference between circle and this kind of ellipse!

i’m still in the beginning of experimentation with this project
but for the time being i’m setting only mesh circle but soon i may have to change it to a parth or bezier curve so that a small planet can rotate on that that curve
not cvertain how yet !

i tried in F7 with solid wirremesh but i cannot see it in the render
there has to be a way to show it up


You need to activate the ‘wire’ button in material settings (F5) under ‘Links and pipeline’


i’v put a bezier circle and you can see it
but it’s only with mesh line that you need to put on the Wire in F5

another trick to remember about blender