Solar system

Hi I made this animation


thanks to you. You created this solar system.
it is also nice and it usable for many country.


Great animation, but a few comments:

  • I think your camera movements are a bit “haphazard” or “jerky”: in some of the shots the camera moves in close and then backs off and moves left or right again. I think slower, more controlled shots would be better. You can achieve that by letting the camera track the planets consecutively: that way the camera will always have the planet in one spot through the camera view. If I was in a space ship performing those maneuvers, I would have had motion sickness :slight_smile:
  • Some of the planets’ specularity may be a bit high - especially the dry (non-water) ones.
  • Vector blur may have helped to reduce the jerky frame-to-frame motion. It is especially apparent when the sun goes out of view.I hope this helps.

Venus has cloud, a very big one that covers the WHOLE planet.

And you should enable “nor” for bump mapping.
It’s awesome anyways. Well done :slight_smile: