Solar system

Hey there! I would really appreciate som feedback for my current project, especially tips on photorealism. The image is only rendered at a 100 samples, and a lowish resolution (because i expect to make changes). The picture is of some planets orbiting a “Sun” (the sun is obviously a street lamp). Also, i need a name for the image…? :wink:

I guess the name of the picture could be called a planetarium…
As far as getting some ‘realism’ into the picture there could be some atmospheres around the planets and a more defined dark side of the planets…

YES! I did what you said for the darker area on the planets, and it look way better, i also made some changes to the lamp. Now the planets have much more contrast, and on the lamp you can really see the dirt and the moth. Thank you! More feedback is of course still appreciated :slight_smile:

Whoops! I accidentally double posted :stuck_out_tongue:

glass rings on the planets? maybe like roman caged glass/stained glass for all the planets, with a high alpha, and subsurface and a high Index of refraction?

Ehhm… I don’t quite get what you mean. Could you explain it a little further, and give a reason? :slight_smile:

The dust rings, clear frost-less glass rods, holding the “rings” which would be different colors and different levels of frostiness , and the old planet clocks were glass, or at least the two that I have seen. do you have gears etc built into it?

Some planets have rings, most planets are not opaque, they are translucent*

Alright. I made some more changes. This time i tweaked some lens distort settings, and added some grain to the image, since it’s a night scene. I’m still not happy with the glow of the lamp. It has those hard edges you get when you blur something really much. ANY idea on how to change that, would be awesome!! :smiley:

Fixed the blur thing. It just needed more grain! xD

What do you think? I think it’s very close to getting a high-res render at a 1000 samples!

What about a glass ball around the lamp? I see the lamp is glowing, but in reality you could see some of the thickness of the glass, IE index of refraction + two sets of faces,

I actually do have a glass ball around it. It’s just not showing up the way you think it should, I guess.

I think the background is very distracting to what your focus is trying to be, all those blurry spots blend in with the planets and it’s very confusing.

Yar, some LOD, Blurry farther, sharper closer, Good for looking real, this scene has to much that is not identifiable, I love your style, I don’t like your implementation, I would also like to see clockwork/gears chains steam-punkyness in the base that holds the planets, here is a silly crazy thingus I made, but it is not cycles,

is a planet made using the moon as a neg displacement +water and atmo, not perfect but nice also not a cycles :frowning:

I need to mess with cycles more, it is very interesting,

I tried to make the background darker. Now it is easier to spot the planets, wich is good, but the scene seems a bit darker now…

(i also made some changes based on feedback from Reddit (

I never really wanted to make “clockwork/gears chains steam-punkyness”, instead i wanted to have a magical touch to it. In short i wanted to make something you know is not real, look real. Like the floating islands in Avatar, or pretty much any floating object in Harry Potter.

Also, what might you find unidentifiable?

I do like the concept of the image. However, like EvilTesla and cactusface said, there is too little contrast between the planets surrounding the “orb” in the foreground, and the blurred out spot lights in the background. The main problem that I see is that the planets look a bit too lifeless, as their shaders make it look like they are just textured circles photoshopped into the picture. I think adding atmospheres to your planets would make the biggest difference. To do this, you can create a sphere within each of your planets, set it as a child of the planet, and give it a tracking constraint to the camera. Then set it as a halo material with a color appropriate to the planet. Finally, just reduce the alpha and size of the halo material until you’re satisfied with the final product. For more specifics, you can search for some tutorials on creating atmospheres, there are several online.

Darkening it didn’t really help, just change the background to something completely neutral and not distracting.

If your trying to get a good effect try changing the focal length and exposure :slight_smile:

I will have an update soon. I have not been able to work on the project the last couple of days, due to problems with blender crashing! :frowning:

Here is the scene with a new background. This is just the first test of it. Let me know, how i should change it, please… It does look a little odd.

Four things that I thought of after seeing your pics a few times are… #1… Adding a comet or something would make the overall picture a little brighter, having two distinct tails. The curved ice particles and the blueish ion tail.
#2. I really like the moth silhouette on the sun sphere… But if you had it closer to the planet to the bottom left of the sun it could pass as being both a moth and a possible satellite, leaving the choice up to the viewer…
#3 All our Jupiter-sized planets have rings around them, which would be a nice touch and could reflect a little bit more light into the scene.
#4. I think the BG could also be in focus as everything is out of scale anyway. But you could make a circular gradient making it so that the closer it is too the sun the less you see them, as a way of faking that if I hold my thumb over the sun in the picture I’d see the rest as it is…

A few other things would be to add auroras to the planets, leaving the poles a reason to be a bit brighter.
Or you could do some gravity lensing by enclosing the planets in sperhes with nothing more than a mixed glass/transparency setting. The more mass the planet has the greater the ior for instance.

Name? what about “live planetarium” ?
If you also receive critics, I think the background is too blurred. You can make a simple park scene and shoot the scene a little further.