Soldat for Stargate

(Zweistein) #1

Movie (divx5)

Some new WIP s for my Stargate movie.

(Zweistein) #2

p.s: Hands and the Head aren t ready… how you can see :wink:

(paradox) #3

pretty cool but I think you need to change the angle on the movie it looks like he is shooting himself which I assume is an optical illusion probably because of the angle.

(bmax) #4

“how you can see” => “as you can see” :wink: and, no, im not being picky, i just want to help.

(Zweistein) #5

forgive me… i am german :wink:

(Alltaken) #6

is this stargate like SG-1

cause i love stargate i’ve seen every one.

do the rings i love the rings

(CubeFan973) #7

Add more lamps! We need to see more!