Soldier Down (Fisrt person shooter)

(saluk) #1

Have a look at this demo of a promising first person shooter. Python based ai, two weapons (Magnum, and a ficticious full-auto grenade launcher), first and third person, and a neato particle system.
Watch out, the particles can slow it way down. But they look cool. So there:)

Copy and paste, and your good to go. Controls in the file.

This is an old version, the more recent version has MAJOR problems:) This is the last playable version of the game.

(gargola) #2

hi Saluk! i was looking at you page and it’s nice.some pretty good games you got there too.i got a question about that Zelda game,does it has a saving option?(can you save your game?) :slight_smile:

(saluk) #3

Thanks for the comment, most of my games are pretty old as I haven’t really done anything since blender’s “fall”. The zelda game does not have a save unfortunately, that coupled with the unrealistically hard cave monsters is why no one has beaten the demo yet:) You get a prize if you can.

The one game that DOES save is pooland, it’s the game I’m most proud of, and I have started working on it little by little again, even though I will probably have to change to a different engine sometime.

(gargola) #4

How do you save your games,with a python script?

(saluk) #5

Yeah, I use a pretty intensive python script for saving. The one in pooland works, and is pretty simple. The save script I was working on for soldier down was more advanced, allowing the engine to “load in” objects as you got near to them. Unfortunately, the problems with THIS save script and the radar bug (along with other problems blender is plagued with) are what halted development of soldier down.

(gargola) #6

i need a saving script.can you help me? i don’t even know how to load and use a script on Blender. :frowning:

ps:i got python installed.

(gargola) #7

Saluk? :o

(ineedanewbi) #8

maybe he doesnt want to give out his secret…maybe hes too busy…

he somehow records the position of all the objects into a text file,
and when the game starts up…it reads from the text file and puts all the objects in their recorded locations

i dont REALLY know how he did it. i dont know much at all about python
just download a few of his games like “Pooland” and study his python scripts and try to makes some sense in them…

…by the way… has anyone used so many sounds in a game it says “Databrowse” intead of the list of sounds… well my problem is that i cant select sounds in my sound actuator anymore. it says “databrowse”, but when i click it…nothin HAPPENS [email protected]#[email protected]!%@

please help me …u can email me at [email protected]

(gargola) #9

i’m sure he is just busy.about the sound problem,i don’t know cause i don’t use a lot of sounds since Blender only acepts Wavs.most of my music is Midi format…i was searching for something to convert midis in to wavs but no luck(anybody knows?). :slight_smile:

(Monkeyboi) #10

Very nice! You’ve beaten my ammo system and enemy system as seen in maharaja, and that “Auto” gun(whatever i’ts supposed to be) is flippin’ awesome! Your level is i bit bland though, and the hand holding the gun looks lige a gigantic sousage…!!

Another thing: Do your enemys ever shoot back? Ther’s not much of a challenge when all they do is wonder about…

A few other things for improvement:
The bogging of the gun is a bit violent en over-done

Don’t want to boast, but I think I came up with a brilliant sky system on Maharaja(involes putting the sky in a differet scene and setting that as a background. All you need to do is for the character in the sky scene to use the same lookscript, while removing the ability to move around)

More weapons!!!

Great none the same. You can do Python wich really gives you a serious edge (and how did you make the look script so that it stops when you look upwards. Its brilliant)

(gargola) #11

a question: Is Saluk here the only one with saving script on his games?

(saluk) #12

Yeah, as I said before I am not using Blender much lately, as I’m not totally sure of its future. I forget to come back and check the forums every once in a while:)

As far as I know, I was the only one working on a save script. It is farily simple, and if I dont forget I’ll type up something on how to use my pooland scripts in your games, and distribute them seperately. All it does is go through a scene which I make which has all the objects etc in their starting positions. The script reads in the objects with a near sensor, dumps information about each object into a list (Things like position, rotation, and any props which might be important) as well as defining the class of the object. Then it saves that list as a string into a file.
The load version is a bit different. It reads in the list, and then uses an addobject actuator to add the right objects to the right positions and everything from another layer. Right now I think there is still a bug where if you dont save before doing a load, all the objects dissapear. This is fine for pooland, which is supposed to be persistant, but wouldnt work well in most games. I’ll try and get the kinks worked out for you guys tomorrow.

Back to SoldierDown: My favorite part of it is the particle system which took me a day to program. Feel free to copy it and use it in your games, just explore the second layer where all the particle objects are located for how to set the objects up. Not sure what you mean about the “bogging” of the gun being violent. Not sure what bogging is actually:)
This level was my test level, so obviously it’s bland. I went in and rebuilt it but now its way too many polygons, one of the many reasons I quit working on the game, hehe.
The enemy AI are supposed to be quite smart, they have a patrol, if you fire the gun they are supposed to “hear” and come after you. THe do fire, and it can be very difficult when they fire through trees:) I implemented a realistic damage system as well, with one head shot killing em, about 3 or 4 mid range hits, or 8 leg huts. The main character only can take about 3 hits, using the “real” gun the level is almost impossible. The second gun was never actually going to go in the game. I don’t know why they aren’t shooting at you, but I’ve only tested on 2 computers.
The look restriction uses a mesh sitting on the characters head combined with a cube in front of and behind the player. WHen the headmesh touches the front cube, it tells the mouselook script that you cant look down any more. Vica versa with touching the rear cube.

And I used a similar system to yours in maharaja, with animated clouds, and a realtime day/night system in Pooland. Before Maharaja came out. Not to boast or anything, but you kind of asked for it:)

For the record, the most recent version of Maharaja I played was really cool and ran fast which is more than I can say for the buggy, boring, super slow, screwed up version of soldier down I have sitting on my computer at the moment:) Sometimes I’m too ambitious. I wish I could look forward to future releases of blenders game engine, its so sad. Really the easiest to us game development environment on the planet.

(gargola) #13

well,thanx for your time saluk! :)please if you are going to share the script with us,make sure to give some instructions,cause i don’t have any idea on how to work with scripts on blender :frowning: thanx again! :slight_smile:

(S_W) #14

wow, the scripts are really great! (as far as i can understand them :wink: )
a real sweet for all python fans :smiley:
keep your great work up!

(Monkeyboi) #15

Maybe we should make a game together? :wink: Your python skills are just beyond me…

By bogging i meant the movement of the gun… Any chance you could calm that down?

(saluk) #16

I did all the animations from third person mode, that may be why it doesnt look right in first person mode. There is also the fact that you can see some of his body behind the clipping plane, because the camera is kind of inside him (it had to be or the gun wouldnt be visible). Making stuff work from both views is difficult.

Thanks for your compliments, I’ll try and get you guys some scripts to work with (and documentation) in the next week, having trouble accessing my computer with blender on it right now though.

And monkeyboi, maybe we could work on a game together, I kind of want to wait to really start anything until I graduate and have more time midway through June. Last minute senior stuff is quite busy and frustrating:) I have some of an rpg planned out that I was thinking of, or we could combine fps ideas for a fps. The only problem I want to try to avoid is AI, because AI is really hard! A rpg wouldn’t need much ai, but it would need a lot of good plotting, dialogue etc.

Get out my scripts/instructions as soon as possible, I’ve also got a pooland update coming up sometime soon.