Soldier game model

This is around my third try and modelling a soldier that could be usable in a game or put into a game engine, Please help offering suggestions and things I’ve modelled wrong etc I’ve been using blender for 5 years but still not as good as all you guys are. I had to remodel the whole soldier at least 3 times since either the geometry was really ugly or I had gotten the method wrong the method I used now is to model everything lower poly although I have heard of the method to model high poly sculpt it nicely and then retopologize but I can’t achieve that since I just started sculpting about a week ago. I scrapped the old one because the topology was really bad since I modelled it mostly with subsurf which didn’t turn out well and can’t be used for games and I had also modelled the body underneath the clothes which made it incredibly annoying since I had to adjust the clothes all the time to solve clipping issues and then I realized I didn’t need anything underneath… So I remodelled everything again. The new one has a base mesh head and a basic hand modelled already but I haven’t attached them yet because the hands are still “straight” and don’t have a natural hand “pose” and the head’s neck is too far back making it look weird when connecting it to the body.

Here is my new soldier compared to the old one:



I can’t see so much difference between the old and the new. In my opinion, depending on the type of game you’re aiming to put him into, the old looks good enough. Still, I’d like to see how the current one turns out.

a WIP of the scene the soldier could be in as a render.

Finally! Attached the head and hands to the body. But I had a lot of trouble with the hands especially with the wrist since I couldn’t have more than 8 vertices otherwise the hands wouldn’t attach to the wrist without having triangles and thus had to remove the edge loops that rounded the fingers since they ended up raising the amount of vertices at the wrist. As a result I have block-like fingers :smiley: The hands bug me though since either they’re too long and too thin or the arms are too long?

This is looking great; it seems really well thought-out, especially the textured render. Perhaps you should consider submitting this to Blendswap; they’re always open for some great new models and it’s a great way to get your reputation going!

For a game model, the fingers are fine. Most soldiers would be wearing gloves anyway.