Soldier Sculpt and base Body Structure

Ive been working on these for a bit of time (few days on and off) and trying to get the base forms for both male and female. My sculpting experience is more on the low end, maybe about 3 months…more used to the old method of using a basic mesh structure for game design (pre normal mapping era)

Also I only have a 512 gpu so the fine detail spectrum is a bit tricky to nail down. Anyways I need an idea if Im going in the right direction! Feedback much appreciated :wink: Not trying to go hyper realistic

Male and Female Basic anatomy sculpt

Sculpted clothing to male base side by side comparison

Sorry for the lack of additional viewpoints…it takes a bit of time to render out these images on my dinky card XD

Female body looks like a male body with fake breasts attachted to it. Male body is much better however legs have no detail at all. These are the most visible issues but there is planty of other mistakes. I advice to sculpt only torso or hear or whatever you want, but at this stage just don’t sculpt whole body because it’s too much for you and for your PC as well just as you said. Did you use reference?

Very good start!!! but you have to call them something like base_body_structure_V-0.01 and then you have to go to base_body_structure_V-1, and that is a hard way to go because you have to overcome the brain limitations.
I recommend you to take a look at this:

And this:

Those are the classic Andrew Loomis references proportions, they are veeeeeeeery good! you can see that you really went bad with the female, and the man can be improved but you did a lot better.

Thank you for the ref and kind encouragement :wink: I took a look more into the female shape, but detail wise Im not too worried…mainly just because the anatomy portions are more for a limited exposure form. I believe my big problem was that i just recycled the male mesh and deconstructed to the female…causing that over roided body builder aesthetic XD

As for the GPU, you have to work with what you have…the better I get at modelling with my limited resources I like to think of it as a testament to what can be done if you dont have the funds to get your dream started :wink:

I recommend you to study the silhouette, you are too worried by to many thing that you are missing the silhouette. Try at the viewport to make a previsualization material that is full black, so the only thing you can see is the contour and the silhouette. You will see a lot of things to fix.