Soldier Suit / The Exigency's Kyle Burton

Character model of sci-fi soldier suit. Made for project “The Exigency”.

“The Exigency” is a feature-length animated movie created over the span of 13 years. The film follows a retired war hero named Kyle who is forced to return to his home planet, Gallesha, in order to help end a seemingly impossible war with the neighboring planet of Anumbis. Kyle is faced with the consequences of his past while his family is caught in the middle. Learn more of the movie here:

The sequel to the well-received work of passion that is “The Exigency” is now in progress, and I will be taking part in help making it a reality by creating 3D assets for the film. Starting with a re-work and improvements for Kyle Burton, the main character of the film.


I am in awe of the project, currently watching The Exigency. It is such a shame that more don’t try to face down this challenge, so that we can map out the obstacles for using Blender on such a scale. Is there an active development blog somewhere??