here’s something new I’ve started: I’ve decided to try my hand at a short movie, and here’s what I’ve got so far of the first character, a soldier. C&C so far welcome

the top of his head is quite pointy. and too narrow. I’m guessing the skin was intentional.

yes, the skin is supposed to be dirty and grimy.

As for the pointy head, I think the remove duplicate verticies button missed a few that weren’t close enough when I joined the two halves of the head. I’ll fix that.


the skins got potential but it looks fake.

Weird how he reminds me Jude Law. Was he your reference?
I agree on what has been said about the texture.
Keep it up.

Jude Law? lol don’t really see it…I didn’t use any references for it.

update: worked on the skin texture

The eyes look a little too far into the forehead. Eyes should be just about in the middle of the head.

All the proportions seem just a little bit too off to look real… but not enough to make it easy to pin down ARGGH!
the whole head still seems too narrow. maybe if that’s fixed then all else will look better. and the mouth looks little too big too…

This is looking cool! 8)

With the eyes, they are too far apart. If my memory on the proportions serves me right, they are supposed to be one eye’s width apart and 1/2 eye’s width from the side of the head. Also, turn down the perspective, as that may be causing some distortion too.


I think the proportions are fine. My personal preference would widen the face and bring the eyes togather a bit, but I see no reason why a person couldnt look like that, and I’m sure someone some where has a face just like that. Everyone’s idea of an “ideal” head is different, but “real” people have fat noses, small eyes, big chins, narrow heads… flaws. Great work on the texture btw… it looks like there is a bit of a crease in the chin, but thats my only crit.

thanks very much for the replies, but i think the proportions are good as they are for what I want. I don’t know about that crease on the chin. I have no idea why that’s there, because there’s no crease in the texture itself, and there’s no crease in the model…oh well…