Allright well I decided to drop the grass project for a little until my buddy is coming down for about a day to work with me on it. Were both going to learn particles a little better. I would like to design a soldier for the codegeekers website though. I used make human to make a base mesh to put the suit on top of. I am having some problems though with a helmet. I was wondering how would I got about making the helmet? Would I box model the head and just put the details I want or kind of make a helmet first and fit it to his head? I want to make a high def soldier for my preference and for my website. Please just a noob here so just walk me through the basics here i’m in new territory.

Sketch the helmet in front, top and side view. Put these views in Blender as reference images. Add a UV sphere (12 segments, 12 rings) in top view, then remove the bottom hemisphere. Scale it to more or less fit the helmet images. Push verts around until it looks the way you want it to look.

Thanks that helps alot I got done the general shape of it. Bad part is i’m not that good of an artist but I’m giving it a shot.