Hi guys,
this is my last work. I’m inspired to HALO’s master chief.
Blender cycles 1000 passes and photoshop for the background…

Pretty good, really. It’s really complete. Complete projects with scene and all are really difficult to finish. Good job.

It’s a nice soldier but it doesn’t really fit in with the environment. If you would add some foreground elements that are closer to camera and some background that is 3d + the image you have now I think this would improve significantly.

Also the background seems to have a different perspective than the foreground.

The modeling and texturing of the character is good though. :slight_smile:

Thanx for replies guys. Yes, making a complete scene is really difficoult. In this case i wanted to practice in matte painting… the background does not match perfectly with the character, but is my first time… :wink: