This is a stillframe from a project I did at work. Used Blender, Makehuman and some minor comping and filtering in Photoshop CS.

Comments welcome!


cool!i dont like the black and white thought,but still good work!

Contrast is, perhaps, a bit strong. Still looks cool though. It would look great animated :wink:

I completely disagree! The visual style is great!!
Just one thing that seems a bit out of sync with the rest of the scene: The sky.
It should have a bit of contrast too…maybe still not as much as the soldiers

Also, maybe a bit to blurry and pixilated in some areas. Destroys the details.
But work those few things out and it’ll be very nice!!

Thanks for the comments. We where going for an almost cell-painted look so we wanted it to be a bit comic-booky, hence the contrast and the B/W pallete.
I’ll see if I can rustle up some other shots from the project.

I agree totally. You hit on the one aspect of the project that I was the least satisfied with :stuck_out_tongue: I spent a lot of time struggling with the sky and in the end, we simply ran out of time. Ah, the harsh realities of working at a company that has to earn money ^.^ it sure is a double-edged sword!

P.S. I like your Icon, My coworker has that image as his desktop picture too.

Just wondering how can there be light if the sky is cloudy.Thats what i meant on my last post.

I like the look you’ve got going here, very unique. Could we see a screenshot in edit mode?

I think, that edges are too smooth, but very nice composition and performance, try to post bigger picture :slight_smile: