solid autocad alternative

I know, I know,
I should post this on another forum (“other software”)
but only few are reading it.
I thought to share the following with you:

I yesterday updated my progecad professional licence to 6.1.4.
(see download link below!)
Last spring I bought that program out of curiosity (170EUR) and noticed many bugs with snapping, layer management, scaling etc. which lead to regular program crashes.

The update got rid of those bugs and seems to be now a true and solid Autocad alternative. It is based on intelliCad´s technology but lets Autocad users to switch easily because it uses the same interface and logic.

to import solids, surfaces, lines with thickness, regions, 3dfaces etc
to blender save the model in dxf format release 11/12 ASCII
Then use Accutrans 3D to open that file and save it as truespace (Binary) (*.cob) file This you can easily import into Blender

Please let me know about your experience with that program.