Solid Bones. Why?

I find it really infuriating that bones are stuck as solid, unless there is some magic way to transparentise them that I don’t know. It’s pretty obvious from previous versions why transparent bones are a good idea; so you can see what the heck you are doing. Now, I’ve got these big lumpy grey things in the way and I’m kind of at a loss why that is.

Is there an actual good reason for this? Is transparency coming back?

NB I’m talking about when I’m in Object mode.

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Well hopefully in the meantime you’ll be less infuriated if you were to change your bone draw type to “wireframe” or “stick”

That isn’t the same as having Octas or B-Bones, as wireframes. I just don’t get why it was removed. Has anyone said why?

My guess is that it just hasn’t been re-implemented yet.

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It’s in the Overlay Menu in the 3d View now.

Not in Object mode it isn’t. There’s a transparency option in Pose, but nothing in other modes, and you can’t control whether bones are textured, flat, wireframe or bounds at all.

Oh, I didn’t even notice that sorry. Also, textured bones? I’ve been using Blender since 2001 for mostly animation and modeling and I don’t know of any textured bones option. lol

Octahedron shape shows head/tail sizes and roll of bone.
None of the other shape type do that.
With other types, we don’t know if a joint correspond to Head or Tail of bone. And we don’t instantly know if bone is rotated compared to previous or next.

That is important when you are creating the rig. People complained about having Transparency Bones option only in Pose mode.
Now, in a recent build, you should find Transparency Bones option in Overlay popover in 3D View header.

There is obviously the idea to decouple Bones display from other objects display.
That is not absurd. The real object is the armature. Bones are just an element of this armature.
But obviously, they are elements that are requiring more visual info than vertices.
Some additional info could be added. Like existing Face Angle, Face Area, Face normals overlays.

This part of bones display will probably continue to evolve in future 2.8 releases.
We could image an overlay to display bone roll values or joint angles.
But at least, you should have a correct display in edit mode.


thanks for pointing out that setting. hopefully this usability gets improved though, because currently the armature object still has “wireframe” view options that do nothing, and setting your entire viewport to wireframe seems unintuitive to have bones continue to draw solid by default, especially when this means you can’t see smaller bones occluded by larger bones.

I’d just like somebody to give some kind of explanation for why they’ve taken it out.

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Came here to say the same thing, I wish bones would appear as wireframes when you press Shift Z like everything else.

It seems like this has been reported as a bug though here:

Looks like it’s in backlog?

I can’t find the transparent bones option anymore… is it gone ?

Seems to be,

Hopefully because they’re working on wireframe

Ok thanks for the link !! Reassuring. :slight_smile:

Aaaaaaand its gone again…I wonder where they hide the transparent bones toggle this time. Its like looking for Easter eggs.

Hypersomniac answered this on devtalk forum.

We made the wireframe mode display like the (now removed) Transparent Bone option.
The selection was broken but now you can select the bones by clicking on their outlines in this mode. Which (for selection purpose) has the same usability as the old wireframe mode.

So, you just have to switch to wireframe mode or to switch armature display to Wire.
The only thing still weird is that has a transparency independent of X-ray slider.
So, meshes can be completely transparent but armatures can’t.


Well thanks, i find it hard to keep track with all those minor changes if you dont monitor devtalk thoroughly.
Still, its weird. In object mode i get wired bones, yet in edit and pose mode bones are transparent. Whats the thought behind this? Obviously the person responsible for this doesn’t have a clue about rigging needs.

blender is still in the beta phase so mirror changes is normal ,if you dont like lot of changes
you can wait for the final release :slight_smile: