Solid color adjustment layers with masks?

I am working with a PSD document that is a collection of solid color layers - each with a layer mask that controls the amount of color exposed in the final texture.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with integrating a similar workflow in Blender? I would ideally like to edit each layer through painting in the 3d viewport.

I can set up RGBA textures and paint to the A channel which gives a similar effect. A possible solution could be to have a script that writes a collection of RGBA .png files into a single PSD - with the reciprocal writing a PSD into .png and loading in Blender…

These are my thoughts on a possible solution. Anyone out there have a similar experience? If so, I’m interested in knowing what your solution was.

You can already use stencils in the viewport between texture slots in your Blender Internal material to reveal how much of your previous texture shows through. From your post though, it sounds like you are more interested in how to incorporate PSD files into your workflow, and back into your PSD in Photoshop. I don’t think that is totally possible at this time, but there are video tutorials on using the Quick Edit paint function in the External tab in the Texture Paint tool bar. It enables you to get your view from the viewport into Photoshop, draw on another layer, and then save and reproject onto the existing texture in Blender. Depending on your needs, that might suffice. There was some work done on PSD support as well, but I haven’t read any more about it since Dalai Felinto started on it.

Stencils between textures is a no-go. Works perfect for 1 mask anything more than that and you need to combine masks, so ading a 2nd mask means mask 1 is now 1+2, 3rd mask means mask1 is now 1+2+3 and mask2 becomes 2+3. This quickly becomes unworkable.

psd support is not necessary - the key point is a solid color adjustment layer with control mask.

The idea to auto-update the texture in Blender from Photoshop is a good one. Photoshop has native 3d support, so I can view updates in Photoshop in real time - making this tech obsolete (if you have photoshop - still a good option for gimp users). Photoshop can’t paint to layer masks however, which is a real handicap.

Thanks for the ideas.

I used the masking in the 2d editor fed into the compositor, but there is no real time support - you have to save the image and load it to your uv mapping.