Solid colors / textures

I’m extremely new to 3d modeling, still watching basic tutorial videos. But I’ve got an idea of some stuff I want to start modeling with and have a question.

If I make a model that uses solid colors instead of textures, how would I go about doing this? Can I just give it the colors I want with materials, or would I still need to make a solid color texture or something?

I’m learning to make models for video games if that helps any.

Thanks much!

Apply different coloured materials to different selected faces

I like to think of the difference between Materials and Textures in this way:

Materials provide “the object’s basic reaction to light.” Here you find such things as “the basic color of the object” (Diffuse color), “the color that shines off its shiny spots” (Specular color), the way that a point-source of light seems to reflect off the object (shaders), handling of transparency and shadows, and so forth.

Textures, if any, come next. They modify the “reaction to light” that is specified by the material(s). Is it rough or smooth or bumpy, and so on. Whereas a material generally acts upon an object’s faces, a texture’s influence is point-by-point. Textures consider the positional relationship of the object in space, both to light sources and to the camera.

“Is this an over-simplification?” Yes, it is. And there are further differences in these terms with regards to, say, the BI vs. the Cycles render engines. But I think it’s a pretty good way of thinking about what’s going on, and of where you need to apply influences in order to get the effects that you want.

Well I’m a bit more confused now haha. I’ll check out those links and just continue to watch tutorial videos for now :slight_smile: