Solid lines inside the software turned to dashed lines

Hi to everyone

I’ve got ASUS Ati X1950Pro gpu. And few days ago I tried to get one game working (Broken Sword Angel Of Death). The problem was with the ingame graphics. So I installed latest drivers from to my gpu. Also I tried to install DirextX if there would be any files missing.

Problem in Blender
I’m guessing that this problem could have something to do with the operations above. I start my blender and start doing whatever I’m doing. Everything looks normal… until all of the lines surrounding 3d objects etc. turn into dashed lines. The program wont start with the dashed lines in it. It changes after few minutes of use. Terrible, horrible and pain in my brain.

Anyone got any clues or something to say about how this is even possible? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

You are not alone. Checkout the following thread: