Solid Mode curvature look into material


I was wondering if anyone know a way to reproduce de shading from the Solid Mode View into a material.

In Solid mode it does not seem to need UV’s or any high rez to low rez mesh baking.

I am very new to blender so I am sorry if this has already been asked before.

Thanks you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

In render view you also don’t need any UV’s or ‘High rez’ baking.
Just add some lights and that’s it.

If you want to exactly reproduce the shading from the solid Mode, use sun lights only and turn off all shadows.

But most probably you don’t need any of that because you can render in the workbench engine that is the same thing as you see in the viewport.

OR render the view from the viewport indirectily like in the image below

Thank you for the answer. The Viewport render Image seem to almost show the same things has the viewport.

The result is a little darker but I managed to Use photoshop to almost get the same result.

Thank you again for the help :slight_smile: