Solid object view doesn't work anymore

Hey all,
I’m a bit of a newbie, so please bear with me.
I’m on a Linux machine (Ubuntu 12.04) and I’ve just updated to 2.63. The problem is that I’ve lost the ability to see anything in solid mode in the 3D viewport 9even in startup). Wireframe and box outline are fine, but when I switch to solid, I lose everything in the viewport except for the cursor and the axis controls (the only way I can see anything solid is to render it)
There’s still an option for solid mode so I don’t think it’s meant to have vanished and I’m having trouble viewing models with only wireframe. Googling hasn’t come up with an answer so far, so I’m asking you guys.
Does anyone know what’s causing this?
Thanks a lot,

This is with a model of yours, that you loaded at startup, right? Have you tried to start a new model? Then you should again start out with the cube (hopefully visible). Otherwise check the outliner, what is in the scene. You also might load the factory settings.
I could imagine that you issue has something to do with the visibility. Check this out in the outliner.