solid objects for 3d print


I have an issue with 3d printing from a .stl file. the file was generated in zbrush, It all worked fine apart from one object which was a primitive generated in blender, exported as an .obj and then imported to be used in zbrush. It printed hollow, and collapsed. It was a contiguous mesh, so no holes.

Does anyone know how to make an object solid throughout in blender so that it prints as such?



Check you don’t have any flipped normals during the export/import to zbrush.


Yeah I have had export issues with meshes that seemed OK. Recalc Normals fixed it.


Normals were ok it seems, the problem seems to be about thickness of the model, I had only a skin, no internal topology. is there a way of easily creating a skin inside a mesh so that I can generate depth and hense a thick/solid part for printing?



Try the Solidify Selection script.

Edit Mode: Mesh/Scripts

sounds interesting, but I cant find it? could you point me in the right direction.


Make sure you have scripts installed with your version of Blender. It should be automatic with most builds but I understand that sometimes you can install Blender and there are no scripts. (These scripts will run without Python by the way)

The modeling scripts should be here:

Edit Mode: Mesh (menu)/Scripts(menu)

Scroll down til you see Solidify Selection.

If there are no scripts there that is another issue to be solved.

thanks, found it, ill give it a try :wink:

Ok Ive tried it. the problem is that my mesh is a human, the fingers are thin and the toso is thick, heres an image of the base mesh with no subtools like clothes added. if I could get this base mesh solid the problem would be solved.

the solidify script bloats some areas while leaving others ok, it works fine on a uniform mesh, but not a complex one like this.

so if anyone know how I might create a second skin inside this one? I can at least manually shrink that, though it would take forever… I would like to be able to export it as a solid object :frowning: cant find any way to do that as yet though.


I personally think you’re looking at the wrong thing. You shouldn’t need internal topology, I can only see this possibly causing problems when creating an stl file. The stl format only defines the surface of a 3d object, nothing to do with the thickeness of its skin. Create an object in zbrush, it isn’t solid, as with other 3d packages the object is just a series of connected faces with zero thickness.



so if I get rid of internal topology all together it should print as solid?