Solid OpenGL Settings using Mac osx 10.9.4

I’m following a tutorial.

  1. I am getting a black and white checker board pattern in Solid Mode when all faces should be gray gradients (see attached).
  2. I have downloaded and installed the “factory settings” (numerical).
  3. I have tried to manipulate the little spheres in User Settings>System, but made it worse.
  4. Removed ALL Blender files to desktop folder, including configs userpref.blend and startup.blend.
  5. Installed new Blender 2.71, yet the problem persists.

I have attached an example.

Anyone know what my problem is?
Graphics Card? (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX) GPU

With best wishes,


Had nothing to do with Solid OpenGL, etc.
I Recalculated Normals, as a noobie that meant trying everything.

Seems like someone should have known the answer.