Solid rigid objects in vortexes

Hello again ;]

I’ve been messing around some more, and i’ve been trying to get cylinders/cubes/etc to be caught up in a vortex and retain their shape.

So far I have an open box (to hold the objects) with vortex and deflection set in Feilds and Deflection. This gives the perfect effect I want, but getting an object to retain it’s shape while being caught in the vortex is something that’s causing me the most frustration. I add a cylinder and the only way for it to be affected by the vortex (that I know of) is to have it set as a softbody object, that gets it to react but it goes insane and vertexes fly everywhere, I was able to get it to stay the same general size with a bit of goal, friction, gravity, etc… tweaking, but it still collapses (like the cylinder I had problems with in my other thread). I’ve tried making it an actor and a softbody, and that doesn’t work since an actor only works in the game engine (that I know of (again)). If anyone has seen the new havok engine demo/preview video that’s been floating around, you can see the objects in that react exactly how I want my stuff to act.

Also, I was wondering how to make a conveyor belt, i’ve searched (searched for my other problem too, no luck) but I didn’t get the answer I wanted. Is there a way to make an object fall onto a plane that constantly moves on a path and have the object move with it as one would in real life?

Also Also, how would I make a cloth (tapestry or flag) react with an object (in the game engine, so i can see the cloth move when I hit P or the opposite, where I can see the cloth move when the object hits in when I hit alt + a).

Sorry for all the questions, I just didn’t want to make multiple threads and i’m quite the newb at Blender (and 3d modeling in general)(if you havn’t noticed), so I can’t understand all the fancy terms and shortcuts yet, but I think i’m rolling up the learning curve so I should be able to learn most of this stuff pretty quickly now.

Thanks for all of your help (if any :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I add a cylinder and the only way for it to be affected by the vortex (that I know of) is to have it set as a softbody object

Particles are affected by the force fields (vortex).

the conveyor:

I know squat about cloth.

well, that works, but it doesn’t work like a conveyor belt, it’s more like a skateboard (bad metaphor?). I was looking at that tank tread tutorial somewhere and…it was very confusing and I didn’t get any part of it, but yeah, a tank tread is like what I mean, so it just stays in place and objects will fall and stay onto it until it reaches the part where the treads flip and gravity does it’s part.

Particles are nice and all, but they aren’t solid objects, they don’t react with other solid objects (that I know of), they aren’t what i’m looking for.

I saw this tutorial somewhere once that showed a sphere interact with cloth perfectly, but I can’t find it again ;[

Still, I learned a bit more about animation and stuff, but i’d really like it so I wouldn’t have to use the game engine to make the animations.

Thanks for the info though, it’ll be useful when we start doing more in my class ;].

I’ve seen the tank track tut - yeah, confusing. However, if your conveyor is just one of those rubber mat types you could probably just animate the texture (just use the skateboard to animate the falling object or to get an idea of what the IPO should look like). I tried this, works, needs tweekin’:
texture mappin:

Particles aren’t objects UNLESS you parent an object to the particle emitter and enable Dupliverts for that emitter - then the child object will take the place of each emitted particle.

Still clueless on the cloth :wink: