Solid View/Material option -- not showing material

In the SOLID VIEW type, with the MATERIAL Color option engaged, I’m not seeing anything that resembles the material applied to the mesh (other views work fine). What’s up with that?

What’s the proper use of the MATERIAL Color option, if it’s not displaying the Material?

Material has actual material properties (color, specular and many others) that are used in eve / cycles render engines. You can see them material preview mode and render preview mode.

Material also has viewport properties just for viewport display in solid mode (just color, metallic and roughness).

If you uncheck “use nodes” then solid and preview / render material properties will be synced but you will be limited to simplified materials and can’t use textures.

Gotcha: that’s the info I was missing. Tnx.

It sure would be nice if there were an option for the material viewport display to dynamically track the actual Material color. --Seems like a (super obvious) feature.

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