solid wireframe offset gaps

hey together,

i tried a way described in this tutorial to get an object in solid wireframe.

it worked fine but i have some problems with offset and gaps. ist not perfect. you can see what i mean in the atached picture:

i played with the z offset, then it got better but the lines got to thin.
is there another way to make such a solid wireframe. is it possible to get similar results on a simple way with python?

Have you set the Emit high enough ?

In 2.49b :

In 2.56a :

The frame seems to be displayed nice with some Emit :

yeah with emit on 2 its much better. but its not perfect there are also little gaps. but i think this is ok. i also realized that this is not such a big problem with much more complex objects.

here is my last result, its much better. thanks!: