Solidify corners


Do you know a method to change the corners on the attached image to quads? The right side of the image shows what I want to achieve. I know I can do this manually but it’s a really tedious task. I tried to change solidify settings but it always makes corners this way.

Thank you in advance!

I think isn’t no alternative, than do it manually.

Oh no. :frowning:

Basically I want to make a plane from a floor plan image. I know I can do it with extrude and it’s pretty fast but my problem with that approach is I can’t make the separate inner walls’ thickness even. If you have a solution for that, that would be awesome.

You can exturede the wall with 2 paralle vertex over the image.

This is my problem, I only have the image and I try to do the reference curves. This guy aligns the walls to the reference curves. Also I will make the walls, doors and windows with archipack, I just need to make the curves first and I thought there must be an easier way but maybe I’m wrong.

Personally I don’t know another tips, for the walls. maybe some other can help better, but I never saw something different in all these years.

Thank you very much for the suggestion!

If the geometry is regular enough, you can try beveling the outer corners with two segments and a profile of 1, delete the face strip itself (can just pick each extra vertex resulting from bevel and delete vertices), then select both loops and fill, then convert tris to quads.

As I can see there are only tedious ways but thank you!


Thank you for the video, awesome!

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You’re welcome :wink:

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Maybe this helps - sort of automatic, as long as you stick to right angles and you close the loop.

EDIT: a better solution, you can ignore the old video:

Old video:


Wow, thank you very much!