Solidify function in 2.49?

I need to add thickness to an object just like this link describes under “solidify.”

Seems like the solidify function no longer exists in Blender 2.49? Is it hidden somewhere else? How else can I add thickness?

The Solidify Select script in the Scripts / mesh window does this for faces.


Thanks Richard. I’m pretty new to Blender and not familiar with scripting though. Is this the only way? What exactly do I do?

A quick demo of the solidify selection script. (requires flash)


Solidify is covered in the following thread:

Hope this helps?

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Thanks people! It worked :smiley: Apparently my “scripts” folder was in the wrong place too so I went under Script–>Mesh and there was nothing. Took me 2 extra hours but now it’s all good.

yes, it’s easy to be caught by that one! you probably know by now, in User Preferences > File Paths set the address of your scripts folder…also good to know where it is so you can take it with you when you upgrade.