Solidify seems to be shinrking down the innerface on a unintended Axis

I have no idea how to explain it properly,I have a cylinder like object and for some reason when I added solidify it drew inwards like normal,but seemed to also pull inwards on the Y axis. This does not occur on a normal cylinder that i Solidify,or even a Square object that I subdivide. I check and the Mean crease doesn’t seem to effect it.

Any reason this may be happening,normally it would be fine but I need to cut a part out of it like a cover and it screws with that rather badly.

The first thing to check in cases like that is if the object has unapplied, non-uniform scale…

See the scale values in the panel just right to your object (top screenshot)? They read:
X: 0.237
Y: 1.038
Z: 0.237

This indicates that you scaled the object in Object mode, which can lead to all kinds of issues in the modeling/texturing phase. Select the object and hit Ctrl-A > Scale.

That fixed or at least lessened it somewhat,thank you, however it still seems to pull in a bit and I cant really determine why,again crease and sharp edges don’t seem to change it,applied scale and everything.Stuff applied in final image so its clearer that its pulled in.I just noticed that the Y scale is about 0.990,i changed it now but it didn’t change anything so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

For best results, make sure the Even Thickness and High Quality Normals boxes are ticked as well.