Solidify selection 2.49a/b win64 problem solved

Hi, this might already have been mentioned somewhere on the forum, but just in case it was not (I did look for a solution on, but unable to find a related post), here goes:

After installing 2.49 64bit win I tried in vain to use the solidify selection script on non-flat surfaces, and it bugged out on me with a python error, stating it could not find the reduce function. This drove me crazy, since 2.48 did not have any problems. And it did seem to work without any problems on flat surfaces!

Oops, I was working with multiple versions of Blender open, and changed it in 2.48 - which obviously works no matter what. Tested this in 2.49, and I am still getting the same error. Does anyone know how to solve this? The reduce function can’t be located… And this is such an essential tool.