Solidify, transparency and mapping.

so i got fed up with the boolean modifier and i decided to try another technique i used in the past.

creating the hole; in this case, the carving with a texture.

modeled a terrific pumpkin to ring in the fall season, seemed from left to right and unwrapped front then back; separating them in the uv image editor.


the object has three materials and two modifiers; subdivision and solidify.


  1. Diffused/Transparent with UV
  2. Colored Diffused/Transparent with UV
  3. Diffused
    Material NODES:
  4. material output
  • Mix
  1. Mix
  • fac- new pumpkin uv
  • diffuse
  • transparent


  • subdivision
  • solidify
The issue with the solidify is before and after i render the image.

in the viewer


i need the rim to fill without the artifacts between the teeth. Is there any way to make this work?

That artefacts look like overlapping geometry - some copy of the pumpkin perhaps, that is set to renderable but invisible in the viewport? Other than that: This method is not going to work anyway. Texture based transparency will not fill the “rim” between the inside and the outside of that cut.

Ever tried with knife project?

knife Project tool worked better, there are still lots of really strange frays but i think its better than my other options