Solidifying an object for 3d printing


I recently saw, which is a video about geometry created by recording snapshots of a 3d shape as it moves in space. This is easily doable in blender using some softbodies, and applying the movement every x frames. The problem is that it won’t be printable, because of overlapping faces. Is there any way to combine all the meshes created by this method to make one solid mesh? (Something 3d printable). A boolean modifier completely fails at this.

Here is what I made in blender as a quick test

“Web based file processing - analyze, check and repair your STLs”

Best boolean I have ever tried, never failed so far.

Thanks. How long should this take? it’s been around 2-3 hours already and I still haven’t gotten an email. Think I should resubmit?

Usually its only matter of minutes.

Guess I’ll reupload then. Thanks

EDIT: took 30 seconds now. Thank you so much again. You are a wonderful person :smiley:

Nothing beats this feeling: