Solidworks .obj exporter

My first thread here. Still learning Blender an searcing the net for good tutorials :slight_smile:
We have a 3D-modeling course at school and we use Solidworks.
We can also have a 1 year student licence but the student kit doesn’t include Photoview 360 render.
That course is only about modeling no rendering. I decided to try rendering with cycles.
I found this:
Works fine with the latest Solidworks version 2012-2013.

An exercise:
Model this

.obj to blender

and playing with materials


what is the glas-material for left/bottom image?

I’m using absorption shader.
Tutorial here:

And the colors
Base color:
R 0,777
G 0,840
B 0,771

Absorption color:
R,G,B 0.150