SOLITARY: A space movie project

Hi there
usually i’m an novel and screenwriter, but to promote and bring out one of my first screenplays, i’ve decided to use blender to produce it.

The movie Project i actually produce … is like a mix from Gravity or the Martian.
i know, those are big compares, but i’m still try to do my best.

so … enough… i’d like to share the first renders with you.
i did every 3D Model on my own… also the most of the Textures i’d used, are shot with my CAM or are from open Image websites who allows to use it in Commercial.

i hope u like, what i do… kind regards

my main goals at the moment are:

  • finish screenplay - done
  • keep the rendertime low. - done
  • decreace loading performance of scenes (memory usage). - done
  • do not overload a scene (special effects, composer) - done
  • compress / rework the textures. - done
  • love what you are doing and stay strong. - still in progres

additional goals.

  • overhaul some 3D Models - done
  • improve Model quality. - done
  • improve Character Model animation. - done

future goals.

  • cast voice actors
  • buy or create sfx sounds - done
  • create Movie poster - 20%
  • search for publisher
  • a reminder, because i know, that i’ve forgot something.



don’t have much 3D Object to model yet… but the last “small” things i’ve to do… takes unusually a lot of time :frowning: but for today. i can present another Render of my upcoming movie SOLITARY… hope u’ll enjoy it…


here comes another render … hope you’ll like it…


today … i’ve created the last “planned” 3D model of my space movie… and like to share it with you! that’s the new planet, where the space Journey ends!

hope you like it.


That is a beautiful planet how did you make the texture? I’ve been making planets for a while not and am still trying to find the best technique for nodes, layers, and realism. I also love your spaceship interior, great job!

hi 7over6… thanks a lot. i did the texture with gimp.I’ve used an 10k earth map from the nasa website as reference for coast, landmark and countrys… the oceans are just 3 different kinds of blue… deep ocean water, normal water and near coast. Terrain is copy paste from different parts of our wonderfull planet. After i’d the texture, i’d created the Bump and a water/landmark Specular… because landmark shouldn’t have any reflections :wink: anyway… i talk to much … :smiley: it tooks around 6 1/2 hours

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hi everyone
i did a small render for the promotion video of my movie project… yes a additional promotion video, because i need a publisher and so on… so that the project becomes official… and for that, i need to create a small promo movie first.

the movie project goes on and on… at the moment, i’m writing a lot so that the screenplay will be done hopefully soon. There are a lot of other things, what i’m doing in the background in blender. Camera settings, hardware configuration etc.
it’s difficult, because i don’t have “like the most of us” no render farm at home, but i’d like to have the best possible quality for my movie… and i can only use the PC hardware i’d actually have!



finally, i’ve overhault the main character… i did a sample picture. I became inspired from a picture of Marvels Thanos… so i’ve tried to look same… but different… i hope you’ll like it.
All settings are done in blender… 6000samples … 35 minutes rendertime. As i’ve created this Profile Picture, i’ve learned a lot of lightning, composer and so on.

Progress of the movie is still in development.

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working on the spaceship at the moment. The Main chassi is done, but i’ve to fill the black windows with bridge, floors and rooms.
My main goal was to create a ship (shuttle), that looks a bit of future and past.
The Ship shouldn’t be a big one, only for a small Crew of 4 to 8 people.
Hope u like it, further updates coming soon.

Nice goal and good work so far.

First of all, what kind of Movie are we talking about in terms of duration ? Idk how long you need for a single Frame but if you want a 90min movie with 24FPS and a render time of lets say 15 min / frame you are looking at 6 Hr / Sec. 90min have 5400 Sec and that would add up to about 32.400 Hr of Rendering. Or about 3.7 Years.

So as you can see, your biggest problem is the time it will take to Render.

So maybe you should take into consideration to buy a Render Farm. You will have to pay about 100€/month but you can Render 10 Frames at once. So its just 135 days of Render time.
Enough about time

hi, thanks a lot for your “calculation” and you’re absolutely right, that would be a huge long rendertime.

One of my goal is “keep the rendertime low.” and i plan to have a rendertime of max 5 minutes for one frame… it is hard to handle between quality and time, but in the end, i have to make compromises.

An yes, i’m searching for a payable renderfarm too.
It is a Film Project and in the end, i’d like to make it as professional as i can.
as u can see, i have a lot of things to do. Search for Actors and search for Publisher are also one of them.

For me as ONE MAN SHOW, who did everything on his own, would it be hard… but i hope that in the end, the way of the project and the story can persuade … if the grafic isn’t up to date anymore… :wink:

btw. all of the renders anbove (exclude the 6000smp one) are rendered with my workstation (not my main render) and took between 3 - 5 minutes. And i think the quality for an “animated” production, is okay.

and it is going on… the Spaceship Model is done now. Bridge, Floors and Rooms are added.
the whole project is growing… at the moment i rework some of the materials, to let them look more “nature” and to save render time. As excample, i changed all spaceship textures and saved around 400MB of Memory and decreased with some settings the rendertime to ~15-20seconds.

hi guys, i proudly presents another promotion picture of my 3D animated scifi movie… with this picture, i’m done with all “earth” models now… and just have to do an “renew” of the space station and new character models.

for the one of you, who are interested into background tech stuff… i’ve overhoul all of my materials and spend a lot of time to fit them perfect into my enviroment. the result for me is increadible, because they look more “nature” in the end, and i’m saving rendering time. One of the earth Rooms, i’ve created with the old material, had an rendertime of around 3m40s. after I’ve replaced the scene with the overhoult material, i’ve saved up to 50 - 35s.

i’m also plan to do “behind the scenes” video / promotional stuff too…

Very Impressive so far.

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thanks a lot

owh… how fast time passing buy… project is still in development… and today, i’ve finally finished all exterior 3D Models. Now it’s time for the Characters… so … please enjoy with me together this preview


Hi Everyone…
my project is far growing… i’ve overhault all of my rooms, and other important models.
There are only 2 mayor things, that have to be created… some character models … and a Car… yes a car… never did that before… but hope i can made it.
I did a lot of changes… improved the Quality of images and scenes, by working on the material… and replaced nearly each material in all my scenes … that decreased loading (RAM) and still looks natural…
my maingoal to create a good image at 1080p within 2-3 minutes is set… and yes i know… it still needs a render time of 1/2 year… :wink: but i’m also searching / working on a solution for this.

I also have a new renders for you… hope you like it too…

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Amazing. I’m working on a movie project myself, with the intention of getting it out to the public, too.

Keep up the good work.

I’m just thinking of patronizing my project :thinking: … as much as I’m trying, I keep coming back to my hardware limitation :unamused:. Unfortunately, at the moment I can not afford much… and the todo list is still long … not bottomless, only long. :grinning:

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When talking about hardware limitation, are you just reffering to rendering only? Cause there are few free cloud rendering services. (appologies dont’ recall them as I haven’t used them for some time)