SOLITARY: A space movie project

thanks a lot for your reply… rendering is also one of my problems… … i know about those free renderfarms… but my project grow with every day… and most of the free render services have still their limits… in other hand… i also have the limitation while building the whole scene… my CPU and GPU are always on limit… animation… physics and so on contributes their parts. :wink: but surprisingly, i still keep my given goal, to not to have more then 1 to 2 minutes per image… and to set up this by as best possible quality, needs a lot of time …

The aspect of limited CPU and GPU I fully understand. I usually am forced to work on a fraction of the model. But in the end the more hardware you throw in, all of the sudden your scenes get more complex and you end up at the 1 to two mintues per image :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that you are not looking at using Eevee?

That’s true… there are several goals i have… first at all… every model shall be created of my own… so means… i try to fit them… may they are far away from what i see here sometimes… but i guess… they are good enough… :wink: and i can fit how i need… and learn a lot… for Eevee… i’m honest, i didn’t checked it really out yet… because i usually don’t like to switch the environment within a project… and i guess i’ve to change a lot for my project then… and i’m happy with cycles at all :wink:

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That I understand. Though I wish I could do all my projects in 2.8, even when I do I still jump to Cycles, or sometimes ProRender… But that Eevee… getting better and better.

And switching environment within a project… yeah…

What system specs do you have that are holding you back?

hi… yeah… nothing special. just a R7 1700 and a GF1070…
i know… i know… but … hey… it’s that what i’ve and it’s good… because of those specs,
i’ve need to set and overhoult a lot things

Actually this is very good specs.

it’s been a while, but maybe some of you like to hear, that i did a lot in the background. screenplay is finished and has to go to proofreading. In january, I’d had a talk to some filmindustry professionals, who suggest me to do do some changes to my spaceship, just to avoid some trouble with paramound, because i don’t create a fan fiction movie. At the moment, i’m have a lot to do to create “backstage” content for my YOUTUBE channel and for the movie too. I didn’t expect, that creating clothes, can be that difficult and like to send out my respect to all the film costume designer. You do awesome work!
OK, to much words… then here are some new renders of the ship and hope you like them too.
and yes, i also have a PATREON page now, this is only for those, who can afford and like to support what i’m doing.

keep reading…


Nice Progress

Yeah, doing physicial work like costumes is 10 fold harder. There is no easy “undo” button :frowning:

With regards to ship update, any chance to see a “before/after” photo of some parts to see what exactly you changed? I’m just curious what changes were recommended to you to avoid Paramount.

Loving your work! I also am working on a animated. Web series type of thing, and find this very good! I wanna see some trailer soon :wink: great work

thanks a lot… yes, trailer is in progress

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you see some of older ship pictures above… because of the “avoud of trouble”… i’d send you a pm :wink:

Hi Egan- great work. Just a concern with the image above (Jun 2018). The window/glass is flush with the wall surface (on the right hand side)- which would be a no-no in space or beneath the ocean. The windows should be recessed with in the wall plane to show that there is depth to the hallway structure. For inspiration, look at ocean submersibles or even the interior of the space shuttle. The glass is thick to withstand the pressures involved.

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Hi, thanks a lot for your post… that’s an old image, the whole floor has been rebuild a while ago, because of the dept you mentioned, i’ve saw this problem too… so i’d already changed it.

for all of you, who are waiting … :wink:

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Ha ha! Very good. Looking forward to seeing more.

while i’m still writing on the screenplay, i did a little “feed” for the YTChannel… enjoy…


How’s progress on the sci-fi movie going? You have done a bit in the background, right? I’m just curious to know what you’ve been doing.

1 Like is reasonably priced and we can work with you to make sure all your shots are rendering optimally and on budget :smiley:

Emailed you guys, no response. I did some research, and there is very little info about your company online or on your very minimal website.

Hi… wow… didn’t expected, that the interest is that high…
yes, i do a lot of things at the background. and… I’ve to day, that the most 90% is done now.
at the moment i really do more at the engine (means to get render time low but didn’t decrease the
image quality.
also i’ve finished the screenplay.
I’ll start the final production hopefully in the next month.