Solitary Gate

i am the havoc in your heart and the chaos in you soul…for i am chaos, i am havoc and you shall know it. For you shall feel my Wrath!”
My soul is pure from chaos and pain. my heart is free from despair from havoc. You are pathetic, you came to this world and killed all but the most elite of men, you destroyed all but the most stout strongholds of human life, and you must stop here, for what you have done is a crime thats punishment is worse than death!”
There was a terrible moments silence in the now ravaged world
“And you are guilty,” - extract from my book (name i will not reveal)


Nice extract, but the picture is very dark, even when i brighten my monitor, alot.

yea its supposed to be a dark themed if you know what i mean… anyway if i light it up it dosent look as good :slight_smile:

Well, it doesnt look good dark either, so there you go.

Do some work on the lighting especially, but from what I can say, some texture work, and some better modeling wouldnt go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, I cant see much, so I cant give any real solid critiques.