"Solo-ing" an object from the Outliner, in the Photoshop fashion

Is it possible to use the eyeball icons in the outliner to “solo” visibility for an Object?

You can do this in the 3dView with “Shift+h” --but it doesn’t toggle (annoying).

This would be precisely similar to how the eyeball icon works in Photoshop layers, which uses “ALT+CLICK” and toggles.

I dont think so. But perhaps isolate object does what you want. This is in 3dviewport, though. I believe the default shortcut is / on the numpad.

“Local View” (terrible name, as usual) is probably comparable to “Soloing” depending on how it was implemented, but certain things confuse me, like just hiding a light from the viewport ( I think) also removes that light’s effect. I kinda hate that.

Give the zillion options there’s probably a way around it, but to me it’s non-obvious. Probably the leftmost dropdown in the view options.

Yes, sorry, local view. Isolate is 3ds max jargon. However, in your example local view only turns the light off in the viewport not in the render.

There is no way around this. It would be useful to have but also problematic to implement because a lot of lights ere not real lights but instead objects with emissive materials. So Blender would somehow have to guess which objects emissive properties to show and which not to when hidden.

And then you can go on from there. Do you shown shadows of hidden objects? GI? Could be interesting to have this option but i dont think it is trivial to implement.

This is a wholly unsupported statement. 99.9% of MY lights are LIGHTS.

“Shift h” will hide everything except the object you have selected, “Alt h” will unhide the hidden objects.
I don’t think you can do this in outliner.

Seems absurd, when 1) the leading image editing app in the world has a well-known convention, AND 2) they implemented it for Collections. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You could make a proposal on rightclickselect.com.

It would probably be best to include solutions for the emissive materials problem and maybe a mockup how to handle it interface wise.

Yes I agree that this is strange I did not know that Ctrl click did this for collections in the outliner.

It is possible to hide lights via collections without hiding the effect?

And how would you treat emissive shaders?

I don’t care.

So just use local view then?


Seven years in Blender… and did not know this !


It is in the View menu, but for my money “Local View” is complete rubbish terminology.

So you are not using it because of a silly name?

I wish that Dope Sheet and Graph Editor had it ! Maybe even Shader Editor.

I’m an audio guy. The Solo button was a favorite of mine.

I would love to have this option in all views that work with lists and toggleable properties. This would be great in the graph editor as well.

Its really inconsistent how it does exist for the collections with ctrl-click (which I did not know about btw so thanks). Seems logical to expand that functionality to all properties in lists views.

You could select your object in the outliner then move you mouse over the 3d view and hit “Alt h” (to keep the current view) or “numpad /” (to enter local view).

I completely gave up on Cycles because who could even guess it’s a render engine ? it might as well be called “Turns”. Ri-di-cu-lous.

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Blender’s crap-ass terminology is one of the (many) reasons it deserves its “hard to learn” reputation.