Hi all, after a few days work I present a tribute to SOLO. Charismatic character and great Oscar Martin (

Made in Blender, render with Octane and components and post-pro with Blender.

Give your feedback and comments are always appreciated (whether you like it or not).

Hope you like.

Best regards,


Woh, look awsome.
The only comment i have is his left upper arm. Is is a bit too thick? Too Muscular?

Hi The.Jack thanks for the comment. The arm is a little fat to look like the comic.

Nice scene. I gave it some stars.

woow, very nice scene. cool lighting in icy scene. show some more blood splatters :slight_smile:

Good Job! congratulations!

Thanks guys, the next I’ll put more blood, hehe.

More blood is always good. :smiley:

rat on steroids? :smiley: nice work but the snow looks more like sand