Solstickan (Cycles test)


This is a Cycles test… seems all I do now a days is render tests. Blender development is so fast all I have time to do is to test new features, I’m having so much fun.

The flame is of cores a picture of an actual flame that I have applied emission to. Also the top of the matches need some bump mapping but that I didn’t get to work. It took about one hour to render with 1500 cycles at 1920x1080 resolution, I think without Cuda support.

The matchbox design (designer Einar Nerman) is an old Swedish design that I really like, Solstickan is also a foundation supporting research on childhood diseases. A certain amount of each matchbox sold goes to the foundation.

Thanks for looking!

Great render! It looks very pleasing and soft while keeping a distinct main focus. A couple of small critics, the glossy floor doesn’t go well with this type of scene, it makes it look like a sort of commercial, don’t know if that’s what you intended. Also the scratches on the side texture shouldn’t be white but rather a brown smudge. I do love the materials, wood and the look of the fire, great idea!

The matchbox brand reminds me about a similar brand we have here, ‘Hjelpestikker’, where a small percentage goes to a fund. Though I’ve never investigated what those money are used for.

You should make the matches look a lot less perfect…