Solution for Slow GUI and bad Blender Performance?

I hope this is the right Place to write this. I’ve noticed that since a coupple of Versions, the slow Blender GUI (open/save Menue), Script Window and bad Game Performance (sporadic Speed breaks).

I think i have a Solution. I have a AMD Dualcore System with WinXP. I’ve assigned the Blender Task to only one CPU and disabled the Hyperthreading this Way. Blender seems to work fine now.

This has to be done in TaskManager, but You can find a Tool here:

Also running the Blender DosBox in Fullscreen Mode brings some improvement.
Maybee somebody can confirm this?

Thanks, Doc

Hmm, I cant think of why disabling hyperthreading fixed it, because blender only uses both cores during rendering. GUI issues usually have to do with your graphics card. What kind of card are you using?

Hello, thanks for reply.
I had this Problem with my old nvidia 6800GT and now, with my new 8600GT too. While busting the Problem, i’ve testet lot’s of Drivers for this Cards. No Success.

Currently, my WinXP is up to date (including AMD Dual Core Patches), also the Video Drivers.

I’ve noticed Special the Realtime Slowdown and Timing Problems in some older commercial Games too. (Postal²; Legacy of Kain - Defiance; …) Disabling one Core was the only Solution to get them to work proper. I hoped this works also with Blender, and it does.

New Games have no Problems with MultiCore CPU’s. So i’m not sure if this is a Blender Bug, and should be fixed.

Hmm, since you’ve already upgraded your video drivers, and nvidias usually work great with blender, it sounds like your pc. I’m running a dual core and blender works fine, although my pc is a pentium, so it could have something to do with yours being an AMD.

I just bought the system you see in my sig. Indeed, Blender does run more slowly even for simple scenes. I’m running the 163.14 beta drivers, as the 162.18 killed my OpenGL support.

I don’t do this (cause I use two monitors), but try setting “Single Display Performance” in your nVidia control panel.

Other than that I don’t have any suggestions. OpenGL support for nVidia went down the drain for the G80 series cards.

Hopefully they’ll fix it.


PS, no probs with Dual Core here, it’s gotta be video!

I might have the solution. You can change how Nvidia scales your screen. If you choose no scaling, the problem is solved