[Solution Found] Change play length but not FPS

I was looking at a demo of Apple’s new Final Cut Studio and thought I saw a feature that enables you the lengthen the play time of a clip but not changing the framerate (ex. keeping 29.97), therefore effectively slowing the video down (I presume by inserting duplicate frames :wink: ).

Does such an “open source” tool exist for Win (XP) that can do this?

I have some lightning footage from a DV camera and want to slow it down but also put it back on DVD/CD to view on TV.


I should have tried this before…VirtualDub continues to amaze me with what it can do.

  1. Open your video file
  2. Record your original FPS from the File Information dialog box
  3. Open the Framerate option from the Video menu
  4. Enter the number of frames calculated from the amount that you want to slow the video down by into the Change to field = 15
    (Ex: 30 fps original / 2 = 15 or twice as long playing time)
  5. Enter the original FPS in the Convert to fps: field = 30
  6. Save to AVI file using your favorite codec.