[solve] I think there's a trick/technique I was forgot.

I’m so Sorry for the stupid Question.
We like blender very much, We Hope blender growing better and better.
Thanks for your help!

Great functions have been lost When updating?
My point is Carve library in Blender Boolean modify 2.62.

Answer myself:
Sorry. I think there’s a trick/technique I was forgot.
Need to add another material before apply, So, the second material can be changed again and again.


It’s seems some one need my answer also :slight_smile:

Not sure what you’re talking about. Booleans didn’t go anywhere…

What great function ? ugly and slow boolean operation with meshes with holes ?


Hi! My point is Carve library in Blender Boolean modify 2.62.



Carve is still used for the boolean modifier in all subsequent versions (2.66 included) as far as I’m aware…I think it’s even been updated to a new upstream version once or twice.

Carve was never removed? The Blender Foundation and its developers aren’t really in the business of removing features that aren’t outdated.

Excuse. Could you get this result in 2.66?
I have tryed many times.

@nirenyang, could you post a blendfile? (or better report a bug)

I dont see a problem

@nirenyang I tried it out, I got about 3/4 through than it went all weird report it as a bug.


didn’t see doublebishop’s post. You could complete it weird, I can do the first few differences than it just goes crazy…


For what it’s worth I use to work at the biggest and finest shipyard in America. And, I had every tool you can imagine at my disposal. Then I left and worked for companies who had no idea what some of those tools were much less stocking them. But, I was still able to put out first class work although with much more effort and ‘Blue Collar’ work a round’s. If I’m not mistaken some of the finest art known to man was created in hovels with no heat. And, very little to eat I might add. Yeah, it can be damn exasperating when something doesn’t work as expected but the vast majority of developers are volunteers. My solution has been to keep three versions of Blender on the desktop. And, if I can’t accomplish it with that Oh, well what the hell. Save it and the developers will sooner or later… . Sorry guy but you just got me off and running. Hey, this fine tool is FREE! And, is there no work around for what you are attempting to do. Shit, we aren’t talking the Sistine Chapel here are we. But, if it’s a paying job my sympathies are with you. However, a will and a way. Let me once again state the obvious. The developers are volunteers.

Dude you are way off here. I think he could have just found a bug and didn’t know where or how to report it. This forum is the worst place to do so because as the developers are most likely will not see it. And as far as I know the foundation developers are paid to fix bugs. Campbell has at least seen this thread.

Perhaps I also don’t know what the hell I am doing as well but I tried to replicate the op’s model and I got stuck http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1214726/boolean%20cube.blend . I can’t get my difference boolean to work with sphere.001. Didn’t fail a bug report as perhaps I am most likely doing something wrong, I never use booleans.

Thanks @ tyrant monkey.

I’ve check your file. That’s little sticky. Temporary solution is merge others before use boolean modify.

Whats this rant about? Nobody criticized the developers.