Solve the case of this mysterious Blender camera bug!K34CASQC!o2FLmnIxHTNLnxYgDP3e-OG7HMfCoLbhZi4uErXimaE

Open this file, you will see an innocent camera pointing at a teapot.

Puzzle one:
Look carefully…notice something strange ?
my yes! The Teapot is inside out !
But wait ! Before you think that it is a case of the mesh being inverted, drag out a monkey, you will see that even the newly created monkey is inverted ?!!!

Can you solve this problem by changing some settings with the camera without creating a new camera to replace this faulty camera ?

Puzzle two:
While STILL inside the camera’s view port and with “Lock Camera to View” still on, now…try to orbit around the teapot [obviously your preferences should be set to “Rotate around selection”], wait a minute ! What crazy thing is happening ?!

What is wrong with this camera ? How to save this camera without creating a new one ?

This seems interesting, i almost wanna call dibs on this thread :slight_smile:

Ill look into it when i get home, which is in about 5 hrs

It’s actually quite easy if you tried to compare that camera to a new generated camera.

  1. That camera has a scale of X=0.430659, Y= 0.430659, and Z=-18.0173. Fixing all the values to all same number will fix why all objects look like their normals are flipped and why rotating view or Shift+F behaves like crazy.
  2. Minor thing is it has clipping properties of 0.000001 for Start and just 8.84 for End. It will make a bit further objects sliced or not visible. While template camera will have Start as 0.1 and End as 100.

another thing is that the camera is pointing the opposite direction then the pot !
so if you go into camera view you don’t see anything at all
cause there is nothing to be seen !

negative scale Z ???

can someone explain what a negative scale does ?

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Now this is fun isn’t it, now why would an inverted scale camera [which really should just mean it looks at the opposite direct] cause whatever mesh it is seeing to seem like it have its normal inverted ?
Is the the case of the mysterious blender camera bug ?

Now the puzzle would be “how do you fix it ?” Applying scale does not reset it…so how are you going to fix it without creating a new camera ? Remember you are not to rotate/scale the existing camera but you can do anything else with it.

how many objects are there ?

I found one with some sort of array and not certain what or where it is ?

mesh_validate_customdata: Checking 2 CD layers…
mesh_validate_customdata: Finished (is_valid=1)

BKE_mesh_validate_arrays: verts(530), edges(1040), loops(2016), polygons(512)
BKE_mesh_validate_arrays: finished

not hidden either
and that looks like a corrupted file somehow!

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Reset the camera.

I didn’t say “apply the scale” to fix it, I said

and ramboblender showed what I meant in the video above.