SOLVED - 2.42a GE crashes

Blender crashes every time I use imported meshes (*.obj or *.3ds) and try to run GE (Pkey). It’s no matter how complex scene is - I ran without a problem a scene containing hundreds of K of vertices created with Blender. What’s wrong?


the *.blend (imported from ArchiCAD via *.obj format):

WORKS FINE AFTER APPLYING SCALE AND ROTATION (possible import bug? - there were no such problem with Blender 2.37)

Mine crashes if I have any stray edges lying around. Maybe you should double check to see whether the import process has left any of those.

Nope, there are no orphan vertices in the scene. After “remove doubles” doesn’t work as well. Besides that ArchiCAD doesn’t produce such artifacts as stray vertices/edges.