[SOLVED] 2.48 Z key and other changes

Is there a place where I can find the difference between blender 2.48 and 2.44 (on which the book Essential blender is based)? Example : the Z key in 2.48 does not toggle between wire frame and solid frame as was in 2.44. Now i cannot find how to toggle between solid and wire frame.


The z key in 2.48 still toggles between wire and solid

Object/wire only applies in Object and Edit modes. Are you sure you’re not in sculpt mode or some such?

Being assured with your replies that the Zkey should work I searched for installation problems. I found out that the hotkey map is Querty and the normal keymap Azerty (I live in Belgium, so Azerty is the default). I could solve it by deleting the US keymap as an option in the keyboard settings. (the US keymap was used for the hotkey although it was not selected as the keyboard).

Excellent detective work! Welcome to Blender.