Solved 2.9.3 box triming tool?

saw a video for 2.91 and there is a tool on the left for a box trimming ?

but i don’t see it in 2.9.3
so how can i get it
is it some parameter to be added or else ?

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? Sculptmode → Box Trim ? The icon on the lower area (have to scroll) or on the right if moved the border… with the scissors… ?

you say that this is only available in sculp mode not edit mode !

did a test in sculpt mode and cannot find it !

is it same then the bisect tool ?

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Maybe you should show a screenshot of that video… the one on my image midle right is named Box Trim (sharing the position with Lasso Trim)… version 2.93.6, 2.93.8, also 3.01 and 3.1.0; 2.83.12 and 2.90.0 doesn’t have this (on linux) . Sorry no 2.91 anymore…
The Bisect tool let you select any angle in viewport the box trim just uses a box selection… (Line project in sculpt mode is like bisect but not as sharp as trim… trim seems to make some dynameshing… ??)

i got latest 2.9.8
guess it should be there

ounce your in sculpt mode
where do you find it ?

do you go into edit mode or stay in object mode in sculpt ?

in sculpt mode i see all the brushes on left panel
but no edit commands !

and this would be available only in sculpt mode

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There is a loooonnnggggg lis of tools at the left side. You can scroll it or grab the border and drag it a bit to the right then it is two columned. (If you drag more the it shows icon and text):

got it

right list is super long

near the end i found the box trim

guess this is only available in sculpt mode
in edit mode we do have the bisect tool

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Worth mentioning, you have to be in dynatopo mode for it took work. Wrung my hands over that one for awhile.