[SOLVED] A wild vertex appeard

Hi guys. I have a problem. During modeling a something of a rouge vertex has appeared an its part of a face with pretty much every face on my model. I cant roll back the changes.

Is there any way for me to delete that vertex/es? It dosent seem to do anything, but Im not sure if Skyrim will like this kind of a mess up.

Im still learning my way around blender, but this one is something new for me, please help.

EDIT: I think I know what happened: I may have pressed F and created those faces by mistake. Still, how can I get rid of them? There is now way to select them in viewport. Is there any way to select those extra vertexes via UV editor?


In edit mode, you can “select faces by sides” (defaults to 4, so quads are selected). You can change the number of vertices in the tool panel, I suspect any number larger than 4 would find that bad boy in a hurry.

Thanks, that selection method highlighted with vertexes were buggy. I had to select each one by hand and remove it, but in the end I got rid of all of them.