[SOLVED]About game download size


My game will have 10 levels about 7 MB each uncompressed, but zipped they are about 1.5 MB each.
So the download for the game blends should be about 11 MB.

But if I convert even the simplest blender game into executable and compress, it yields a .zip file of more than 50 MB.

I suppose this is because of the embedded standalone blender player and libraries ?

Can this be reduced somehow ?

Thanks in advance!

yes. no. .


Ok, let me unroll @billyzill answer quickly lol

Yes, the engine has to be distributed for your game to run on computers where Blender is not installed, or is a different version than what you made your game with.

Not that I know of…

Yes you can, but it’not worth it at all, you can deep/high compress the files when zipping (not sure if winzip does this) but winrar can. it will be only a few MB less (like maybe 1 or 2), so not really worth it, unless your files are way bigger then 11/50 MB (like 500MB+)

Yes you can reduce the size!

Basic ways to reduce file export size: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flpUWPDFMCs
These ways are mainly things like using textures efficiently, compressing blender files, removing backups and using better texture / audio compression.

Advanced ways to reduce file export size:

  • Use .dds textures for maximum compression / performance.
  • Navigate to the export folder > 2.79 > python > lib, delete python libraries you are positive the game will never use. Examples of this could be:
    xmlrpc (82kb)
    test (16mb) not sure if this is used during runtime

Also this executable packer:

Can’t you deliver the files separately?
This way the user downloads the blenderplayer (or your game applicaiton) just once.