[solved] access .blend

I made a horrible mistake : I created hair out of a plane that had 5 materials, of course only one of em active, and shift+D it around 400times XD now I wanted to export it into udk but I have to notice that the export function doesn’t accept multiple materials on one mesh.

So now my question, is there a way to access the .blend (like how you do it if you wanna append something) and delete those 4 materials that I don’t even use? Then the hair planes should have only one material, because the other materials aren’t available.
Thank you for reading!

As far as I know, there’s no way to do what you’re asking, is there some reason you can’t go open the original file and delete the unwanted materials?

I did that now, took me about 90min :S had to do it twice because I have one version with, and one version without subsurf… I hoped there was a simpler way to delete the materials than to click on each plane individually and delete them… because all those planes are seperated objects… hmmm, if anyone knows a solution to this, please let me know! Would be useful to be able to use such a function in the future…

At this point I need to apologise since if I hadn’t left my brains in my other pants I would have realised what you were trying to do earlier and saved you a lot of work.

Hope the below methods help and my apologies again for not realising this before. If they do help, can you please put indicate so in the thread title (e.g. edit it to say: [solved] acess.blend or something similar)

There’s two ways that I know of to do this:

Method 1:

  • Select all relevant objects
  • Press CTRL+L and select Meshdata from the menu that opens
  • Press F9 to open Editing buttons
  • Go to Links and Material panel and delete materials (see pic below)
  • Press U to make objects single users (unlink) and select the most appropriate option.

Explanation: what we’re doing in method 1 is linking datablocks (steps 1-2), deleting materials (steps 3-4) and then unlinking datablocks again (step 5).

For Step 2: you may wonder why we don’t link to Material from this menu. Linking to Material links material properties (colour, spec etc) but not the existence of the material. You want to get rid of the material, not change it. The existence of the material is more of a Mesh property which is why we link to Meshdata (technically, the mesh datablock links to material datablocks but I don’t want to get into too much detail as the datablock concepts can be a bit confusing. If someone else knows a better way to explain it, feel free to correct me)

For Step 4: you can delete the materials from the materials panel (F5) but I find it quicker and easier to do from here as there’s less clicking involved.

For Step 5, you will need to read up on Datablocks from the user manual. I don’t know what your goals/needs are for this project so I can’t tell you what would be the best option from this menu. You may be better off not unlinking them. Do you know how to make instanced copies with ALT+D?

Method 2:

  • Rejoin all the separated objects into one.
  • Delete the materials.
  • Separate into different objects (this would take much longer than Method 1 with the amount of objects you want to have).

thank you very much for that detailled explanation , it definitely helped me!