[Solved] Actions on armature will be destroyed by new rest pose

I’m trying to repose an armature into a new rest postion however I receive the error

“Actions on this armature will be destroyed by this new rest position as the transforms stored are relative to the old rest position.”

Where do I go to kill that relationship, I’ve unlinked all animations and tried to repose the model, but it jumps back to the original rest position, and I receive the error when I try to apply the pose as the new rest position.


It’s been awhile since I messed with poses… however I remember having a similar problem in times past with this and I was able to add a second ‘root’ bone and parent all the bones to this new Root bone and reset the default pose from there…

I’m not sure however if this still works this way or not… like I say it’s been awhile since I have played around with poses…

Also remember to save your actions and poses with the ‘fake user’ option… this way you should not loose any actions and poses when you save the file…

blender always saves actions and poses if they are associated with a bone or object… but if you have an un-associated action or pose… blender will ‘forget’ (that is not save) those actions/poses… unless… you use the ‘fake user’ option to save them…

To save an action with a Fake user… simply click on the ‘F’ button next to the action’s name in the action editor…
Blender should then save that action…

more info here…


Thanks norvman

Will check that out and marked solved if it helps.

And the answer is,
In Pose Mode
Pose the model to the desired position,
APPLY the armature modifier!!!
Then select Apply - Apply Pose as Rest Pose

(Don’t forget to add a new Armature Modifier!!)

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@Pte_Jack How do you add a new armature modifier? I try control p and then click a couple of the options, but it’s not working. what do i set the parent to? I only have one object

Sorry for the tardy, been really busy…

Select the Mesh Object (1)
click the modifiers tab (2)
Click Add Modifier (3)
Select Armature (4)
then when the modifier opens, point the modifier’s Object box at the armature you want the object to use (5)

Repeat for all the mesh objects you need to add the armature to.